Thursday, April 23, 2009



People are used to have light switches, power outlets and pipes coming out of their wall. It's so common nowadays to see those elements in your house, that you don't notice them anymore. I created an object that, at first sight, seems to be a collection of pipes on your wall. But if you look closer, it feels weird to see so many pipe-endings together, and you'll notice the functional function of this collection: small hooks to organize your belongings.

A series of pipe-endings and light switches. 

Material: Acrylic One 

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Thijs said...

Hey madame waar blijven die foto's??:P Haha zag net via je hyves dat je schijnbaar je blogspot update???

nu verwonder ik me trouwens over het aantal lelijke lichtschakelaars en deurknoppen die er bestaan, kun je daar niet iets veel mooiers van maken??